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Big, bold, and audacious

Out of Home (OOH) is advertising for products and services that you see outside of the home, on a variety of signs across various locations.

Outdoor Media Association

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) is the peak industry body that represents the companies that display these advertisements.

It also represents companies who own the signs, as well as companies who provide facilities to the OOH industry. OMA members represent approximately 80% of the OOH revenue generated in Australia.

OOH advertising is always on, delivering messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is ubiquitous, innovative, entertaining, and effective; it invites people to look up and engage with their surroundings and communities.

It is the OMA's mission to build a more sustainable industry for its members by promoting the OOH industry and developing constructive relationships with stakeholders. Its activities span four core functions: audience measurement and data management; marketing and communications; government relations; and member services including advisory and training programs.

The industry plays an important role in the economy and liveability of cities. By 2050, it is estimated that 94% of the population will live in urban environments. This population increase is triggering exponential growth in OOH audience numbers, and OOH is now the primary media channel that connects people with places.

Over 50% of OOH revenue is returned to governments and landlords around Australia, ensuring a constant and ongoing reinvestment in technology. This means that the industry is positioned to deliver smart-city solutions that are increasingly being realised and embraced.


  • The OMA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership.
  • OMA members adhere to an industry Code of Ethics to ensure businesses operate responsibly and abide by the industry's regulatory framework.
  • To date the OMA has 40 members and operates nationally.
  • Prior to July 2005, OMA traded as the Outdoor Advertising Association of Australia (OAAA). It was first incorporated in 1939.
  • Our constitution

Our Mission and Charter

To build a more sustainable industry for the OMA members.

The serve the OMA membership by promoting the industry and developing constructive relations with primary stakeholders.

Our Departments

The OMA comprises of three major departments:

MOVE – contact: Grant Guesdon

Regulatory Affairs – contact: Tess Phillips

Marketing – contact: Julie Jensen