Chairman's message

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In my fifth and final year as Chairman, I reflect on the fast pace of change the media industry has encountered; it has rapidly moved from being dominated by newspapers and television to an industry disrupted by the internet.

It was only eight years ago that we launched our audience measurement system MOVE, and at that time we had no digital signs. TV and Print commanded the major share of advertising dollars, 69.2% between them while Out of Home (OOH) accounted for only 4.4% and Online 16.1%. In 2018, Online commands 48.1% of the pie, TV and Print’s share has nearly halved to 36.9%, and OOH has grown its share to 6.2%.

Our ability, as one of the oldest media channels, to grow with the times is testament to the investment in innovation and technology that the industry has made which has rewarded us with nine years of continuous growth.

I look back not to focus on the winners and losers but to gain perspective on how rapidly the market shifted.


Today, we are proud to be the only traditional advertising medium experiencing growth. Our revenue sits at an all-time high $927.2M with our digital network accounting for 52.3%. Digital signs have supercharged our ability to provide advertisers with not only high impact and visibility but have also added flexibility, immediacy, and contextual relevance to our value proposition.

We are in this enviable position because we haven’t been disrupted by the digital revolution, instead it has enhanced us. Our signs are in places where people gather and can’t be skipped, blocked, streamed or fast forwarded. Regardless of how short people’s attention span becomes there is always a place in our hearts and minds to engage with a well-crafted six-word headline along the daily commute.

Advertisers’ primary objective is to connect their brands with their customers. Our job is to prove to them that our network of signs gets their messages to the 93% of the Australian population who are out and about every day.

We have committed up to $10 million to update MOVE to provide a measurement metric that will assist advertisers to better understand the impact our digital signs provide their campaigns.


It has been a privilege to be the Chairman of the OMA and MOVE for the past five years and to witness this once-in-a-lifetime change in the media landscape that has benefited our industry. Growth like this is not achieved without a commitment to collaboration and hard work. My fellow Board members and the OMA and MOVE teams are to be applauded for their ongoing support and sound leadership, and for being deft and agile in this changing environment.

I step down as Chairman but remain on the board and will continue to make OOH an industry worth following.