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We are part of modern cities

Out of Home (OOH) has undergone a transformation in 2017, embedding itself into the ecology of our cities.

The change has been years in the making, with investments in technology and partnerships, as well as collaboration with government. From severe weather alerts to new product launches, sporting events, and messages to engage the public, the utility of OOH is now being harnessed. Now reaching 93% of the population, OOH is the headline for our cities and the industry is equipped for future growth.

Technology and innovation drive the industry and not just through digital OOH (DOOH); we also saw traditional printed signs making headlines, and becoming part of the national discourse. Our network of signs, digital and traditional, continue to deliver high impact visibility. DOOH gives advertisers greater utility, while also allowing them to be more flexible and get their messages out faster. The rising share of our net revenue attributed to DOOH – which accounts for 47.4% at the end of 2017 – is evidence of the direction of this innovative shift.


In my fourth year as Chairman, I am proud to say that we achieved our eighth consecutive year of revenue growth, posting a 6% net media revenue increase year-on-year. The industry's net media revenue reached a record high of $837 million in 2017, up from $789.5 million in 2016, and accounted for 5.9% of the total advertising market share.

Over the last seven years, our audience has grown 23%, which is over indexing population growth of 14.9%.

We continued to upgrade MOVE to provide richer and more detailed profiles of the OOH audience for agencies and clients and , this year, we introduced monthly updates to reflect changes in signage networks.


In 2017, we started to explore ways we could improve the OOH buying experience for agencies and advertisers. I am proud to say that the development of the Automated Proposal Platform commenced, with the first stage to be released in 2018. Initially, the platform will allow media agencies to request proposals from OMA member companies and combine these proposals into a campaign. Agencies will then be able to confirm bookings and receive billing files within the software, as well as having access to MOVE audience reports to help plan more effective campaigns.


In June 2017, we celebrated OOH creativity with the launch of OPEN3, the third in a series that interrogates OOH creative, and the first in partnership with our international OOH associations.

OPEN3 ignites a conversation about the unique and diverse platform of OOH and features 74 campaigns, as well as 10 short essays, written by creative heavyweights from across the globe. Through the pages, we see how OOH is a perfectly positioned broadcaster, allowing advertisers to create a reaction, get noticed, inspire, or shock. this is deftly shown in the book's cover image, Look at me, a world-first interactive campaign by UK charity, Women's Aid, showing how people can support the fight against domestic violence.


This year, audiences have seen advertisements that raised awareness of environmental issues as well as those for new products. There are many examples of how our industry is using the power of OOH for good, with our members collectively contributing over $36 million in support of over 220 beneficiaries, including Australian charities, healthcare and environmental organisations, public bodies, together with arts and cultural organisations.

We continue to deliver essential services and savings to our cities by building and maintaining public infrastructure such as bus shelters, kiosks, park benches, pedestrian bridges, and telephone booths – a total value of $352 million.

For the ninth consecutive year, OMA members supported National Missing Persons Week, partnering with the Australian Federal Police to promote a week-long national campaign which reached 8.5 million Australians with almost $1 million in donated advertising space and services.


I am proud of our industry's achievements this year. We have made great strides to ensure OOH is part of the media plan, as well as the public discourse. As one of the few media channels continuing to drive growth, advertisers are increasingly seizing the opportunities, and embracing the creative potential of the medium.

We thank the OMA and MOVE teams for their passion, dedication and creativity which ensures we approach challenges and opportunities collaboratively. In 2017, more than any other year, we have embraced change and together we will continue to innovate, through technology and creativity, to maximise the power of OOH.

Steve O'Connor

Chairman, OMA and MOVE