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The OMA currently has a total of 30 member companies representing approximately 80% of the Out of Home (OOH) industry in Australia.

The OMA’s Code of Ethics outlines voluntary principles that all OMA Members must adhere to, relating to working with advertisers and regulators and responsibilities towards the community and the environment.

OMA members are part of a local and global community, supporting one another individually and collectively as an industry. With a continuously growing share of the media pie, we work together to build the industry's profile through research and insights, improve and transform our offerings with new technology and innovation, and nurture a sustainable approach to our growth.

An application for membership requires the approval from the OMA's Board of Directors. OMA membership is divided into three categories:


These companies advertise third-party* products across all categories in the OOH sector including airports, bicycle stations, billboards, buses, bus stations, cafes, doctors' surgeries, free-standing advertisement panels, light rail, medical centres, office buildings and lifts, pedestrian bridges, railway stations, shopping centres, street furniture (bus/tram shelters, public toilets, telephone booths and kiosks), trains, trams and universities.

*Advertising in which the advertisement is not associated with the premises eg. a land of property owner allows an OOH media company to display an advertisement for a third-party product.


These companies include printers (including the supply of printing materials), installers, maintenance fabrication companies and other producers of billboard skins and vinyls used for OOH advertisements.


These companies own the space on which the OOH advertising is displayed.


Members form a vital network that is actively promoted, supported, and consulted by the OMA. Members also benefit from the lobbying and advocacy that the OMA conducts on their behalf on regulatory and assessment issues.

The OMA does what individual members cannot do, working on issues of relevance for the industry as a whole, with a focus on the following:

  • Audience measurement
  • The development of custom research to advance the industry
  • Lobbying and advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues
  • OMA-sponsored thought leadership, industry seminars, events and awards
  • Communicate the value of the industry to OMA key audiences:
    • Advertisers
    • Creative agencies
    • Government
    • Industry stakeholders
    • Media agencies
  • The development of industry standards and guidelines
  • MOVE, the Media Federation of Australia and Australian Association of National Advertisers accredited audience measurement system, electronic newsletters, media releases and media summaries, and regular updates on industry legislative, regulatory and legal issues.
  • Confidential industry revenue reports
  • Industry-specific, customised Workplace Health and Safety materials
  • Individual council development control plans