Software updates

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The MOVE software program is constantly being developed and enhanced to deliver the most functional and user-friendly system to users.

See below for news on the latest update or visit the MOVE website.


2016 updates

New Proposal and Package Filtering

After reviewing feedback from 2015, MOVE has implemented the ability for users to more easily filter and organise their Packages, Campaigns and Proposals. Users will now have the ability to sort campaigns and packages by month and year, as well as hiding packages that are no longer in use. The functionality will be implemented in 2 areas.


  • Proposals Area (My Campaigns, Proposals Received)
  • Add Subproposals


  • Packages Area (My Packages)
    Add Subpackages

For further information, click to download the manuals here.


2015 updates

The most comprehensive update to MOVE since its launch in 2010.

The updates include:

geo targetingGeo-targeting – allows media owners to build out sub-areas based on geographical information. The analysis of reach and frequency based on audience geography, household income and number of people living in the home, means media agencies now have the ability to create bespoke and targeted media plans in response to client briefs.

mode dataMode data – the ability to show how audiences are seeing ads, whether it be by walking, driving or as a passenger.


dot densityDot density – represent the number of contacts that will be made in a campaign, using one dot to represent 100 people. This, overlaid with the existing heat map (percentage reach) function enables users to provide a more accurate visual of the campaign reach.          

compare reportsCompare report – allows users to review two reports, with the same geographical information, side by side, for a refreshed, cleaner and easier to read format.


For a 'how to guide' on the new software enhancements, click below;

In addition to these 'how to guides', e-learning videos are also available via the MOVE AMS.