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Date: 22 August 2017

Make-A-Wish foundation teamed up with oOh!media to bring leukemia sufferer, 7 year-old Eitan, his lifelong dream of becoming famous.

Eitan wished to make lots of friends and become an internet star. Make-A-Wish foundation organised a red carpet and a huge dance performance in Federation Square, Melbourne, even producing a music video for the young star (see below). To help spread the work and drive people to Eitan’s big day, oOh!media shared the message of Eitan’s wish across Melbourne through the use of its OOH inventory.

Eitans dream came true with hundreds showing up for the big event. The hashtag #Eitanswish has been used across social media channels and Eitan went on to make appearances on local News stations. (should news be a capital?)

Source: Make-A-Wish Australia and oOh!media