McDonalds gets hot and cold with QMS

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19 December, 2018

McDonalds is turning up the heat on temperature driven messaging in their latest digital out-of-home campaign with QMS, by displaying different creative linked to the local temperature at each location.

The highly targeted campaign will see McDonalds display ‘Frozen Fanta’ creative when the local temperature goes above twenty-three degrees and ‘McRib’ creative when the temperature falls below twenty-three degrees.

Steve Bovey, General Manager of Operations at QMS said “This dynamic campaign is a prime example of a major brand relating to their consumers at a localised level through the power of digital out-of-home. By using temperature control technology, McDonalds are able to deliver a highly targeted and engaging campaign that provides strong cut-through and is better positioned to influence their customers’ purchase decisions.”

Luke Trask, McDonald’s Account Manager at OMD said that “We are always looking for ways to optimise our activity to ensure we are serving the right message at the right time to consumers. QMS have ensured the process has been easy to implement and very effective so we are really pleased with the way these campaigns are coming to life and delivering on McDonalds’ sales objectives.”

The campaign, developed in association with Broadsign, will appear across QMS’ premium digital billboard network throughout Victoria until the end of December 2018.

Source: QMS press release