Interactive ad encourages donations via swipe of a card

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Relief organisation, Misereor, has worked with Hamburg-based agency Kolle Rebbe to create an interactive poster that accepts credit cards and shows donors the result of their donation on the spot. The Social Swipe is a new sort of poster, encouraging engagement with an instant call to action. Each swipe of the credit card is a fixed donation of 2 Euros. The swiping triggers an animation sequence that shows just what that simple donation can do to help the poor and disadvantaged.

Misereor had utilised billboard donations prior to this, asking for coins to activate animated billboards that came to life with scenes depicting the result of aid, once activated by a coin. The current campaign was designed from the insight that more than 40% of payments made in Europe were by credit card, making it more difficult to attract coin donations. This sparked the idea. What if the billboards could accept credit card donations?

The Social Swipe provides people with an easy and engaging way to make a donation. It also gives them a visualisation of how their donation makes a difference. When the donors receive their credit card statements, they see the donation included in their summary of transactions along with an option to turn their one-time donation into a monthly one. The billboard, is a non-invasive way to get people to donate, not only do you avoid being uncomfortably haggled when you’re walking down the street, the billboard’s beautiful graphics draw you in, promising an interaction. It rewards those who interact by attracting attention with the moving image. The person who is donating can feel good about getting a little attention for doing the right thing.

Sascha Hanke, Executive Creative Director at Kolle Rebbe, said: “It was a challenge. All processes connected with the donation had to be synchronised. When the card is swiped a secure process quickly authenticates it and in a split second activates a film sequence on screen.”
Misereor creates development initiatives that fight against poverty and injustice in Latin America, Africa, and Asia for 50 years. The organisation takes every Euro it receives to support projects driven and owned by the disadvantaged and run by local organizations.

The interactive donation poster was created with help from, a leading mobile payment provider. The interactive posters are currently installed at international airports.

This campaign and the technology is very cool and can’t be explained properly in words, you have to see it for yourself. Watch the video below!