Minty fresh scent greets commuters on the bus ride to work

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5 August, 2019

To optimize bus advertising, deemed as a large moving billboard, Hawley & Hazel had wanted to connect commuters from the brand “Darlie” to its signature freshness of their toothpaste. Hence, the idea of using scent to create a multisensory bus campaign was conceived by Wavemaker & Media Taurus.

A smile speaks a thousand words. This invigorating aroma created by AllSense based on Darlie’s signature double mint scent (which is a unique blend of Peppermint and Spearmint natural essences); speaks a thousand more. This unique scent was devised to emulate the freshness that one can feel whenever they use Darlie toothpaste.

A great sensory reinforcement that Darlie toothpaste is THE toothpaste to use to uplift your day with a fresh start.

“Traditional out of home has always been about creating a visual with impact; a visual feast that can connect audience to the brand. For the first time in a bus, we were able to add another dimension which can tickle the human mind. By adding a sensory element to stand out and engage the senses, we believed it will further elevate our brand experience for people and create an even more lasting impression on them through this first ever collaboration with Media Taurus. We think this will bring a very fresh experience to people on board the buses and especially for commuters early in the morning, create a strong association that using Darlie toothpaste helps start their day Fresh! Integrated as part of our activities in digital platforms and in the retail stores, we believe that this OOH campaign will drive scale for the brand in driving awareness and enhance top-of-mind brand recall,” said Corrine Tan, Senior Brand Manager Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co. Singapore.

“The Darlie bus is literally a breath of fresh air. It uses scent in an unexpected but simple way to deliver a unique brand experience for such an everyday product as toothpaste. The freshness of the scent can also revive the senses of weary passengers,” said Glenn Lim, Group Communications Director Tower Transit Singapore

“We hope all campaigns with Media Taurus are successful which is why we are constantly working on new and fresh ideas for advertisers. This Darlie campaign was able to cut through usual bus advertisements by successfully connecting the brand with their audience through an immersive multisensory experience. This is a first in the local bus advertisement scene and we look forward to work with more advertisers to create unique campaigns,” added Joseph Xia, Assistant GM, Media Taurus

“I think the best kind of experiential advertising is where the participating brand adds value to the consumers life without demanding attention or transaction. Given our tropical climate in Singapore, and the hustle and bustle associated with an everyday commute, I believe a minty fresh greeting will be welcomed by the day’s travellers. Given the stressors of urbanised living, this innovative Darlie activation has been designed to impart freshness and vitality to consumers,” commented Terry Jacobson, Founder and Managing Director, AllSense.

Source: Campaign Brief Asia