Out of Home tackles London's pollution crisis

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Urban Vision

Date: 15 March 2017

A ground-breaking material hailed by medical experts for its ability to absorb harmful airborne molecules and disperse cleaner air has been launched in Leicester Square. 'The Breath' was created by a team of leading Italian researchers and has been rolled out across several European cities, including Rome and Milan, over the last three years. The material is now being brought to London as part of a corporate partnership between The Breath and media company Urban Vision.

Urban Vision is to attach sheets of the air-cleaning substance to all of its outdoor advertising sites in the capital in a bid to remove damaging pollutants from the air.The launch of The Breath follows a series of alarming studies warning of the dangers posed by air pollution to Londoners.

The material uses a series of nano-molecules and the local atmosphere’s natural air flow to remove harmful pollutants such as nitrous oxides, sulphur oxides and particulates. The material can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, including for office workstations, classrooms and public advertising spaces. The Breath’s inventors claim that once the material is installed it can absorb high concentrations of air pollution within a 25-metre area.

By installing 250 sq/m of the material over a one-year period, The Breath’s inventors say its impact on the environment is the equivalent of removing pollution from over 750,000 unleaded vehicles and 300,000 diesel cars. Using these initial results, researchers at The Breath estimate that just two 10 m² sheets of The Breath correctly positioned in Leicester Square over a one-year period could cancel out nitrogen oxide emissions from 5,475 diesel vehicles and unleaded cars.

Source: London News Online