Ayuda turns to AI to make digital Out of Home advertising more effective

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Date: 31 March 2017

Ayuda have launched an overhauled version of its digital Out of Home (DOOH) ad server that uses Artifical Intelligence (AI) techniques to improve efficacy and targeting of DOOH advertising.

“Studies show that 94% of retail sales still take place offline while only 6% happen online. Ayuda is continually improving our ad tech to better target offline, custom audiences. We have introduced an all new version of our DOOH ad server that continually improves its own targeting efficacy as a campaign runs. By leveraging our mobile partner ecosystem, we can understand whether consumers exposed to DOOH placements are effectively converting into store visits" said Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda.

Using AI based techniques, Ayuda's ad server adjusts and course corrects it's delivery strategy to favour panels that are generating desired foot traffic to stores and disfavours panels that are not generating foot traffic. As a campaign unfolds, the ad serve learns the optimal delivery and pacing strategy while reducing spill impressions.

"Ayuda's mantra is to generate new revenue for DOOH operators from digital buyers who don't normally buy DOOH. These buyers who are used to buying online video, mobile and display become confused when presented with the acumen of DOOH today. They find little value in spots, loops, and third party research studies. But they get really excited when we explain we have a self-adjusting ad serving platform that learns which panel and what time to activate based on foot traffic data from mobile data, and that when their budgets open up," concluded Soupliotis.

Source: prweb