Cactus Imaging boosts its fabric printing capacity with a first in Australian printing

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6 November, 2018

Cactus Imaging is boosting its fabric printing capacity with the addition of the first Fujifilm Acuity Ultra grand format press to hit Australian shores.

The new printer is set to complement the company’s Durst P512 R machine which it purchased last year.

Keith Ferrel, general manager, Operations, Cactus, says, “It is the first install in Australia, one of the first in the world.

“The press offers good direct printing and it aligns with what we do in large and grand format. It will certainly help us with extra capacity in fabrics, and the POS area. We do a lot of interior decorating prints now, it will enhance that along with POS, and fabrics.

“We needed the extra capacity. In terms of latex, it offers the highest resolution available on the market, 1800 dpi.

“Predominantly it was about quality, it has a three picolitre head, and white ink. Its multi-roll features were a big plus for us as well. It is aimed at the high-quality work we are diversifying into.

“Something we are proud of is our entry into the fabric market. We did it with our Durst which was installed around 12 months ago.

“We had seen the growth of fabric printing overseas, in Fespa for example we saw the demand for it.

“I expect the press to be up and running by Wednesday, we anticipate to be in full production mode. The goal is for it to be running 100 per cent by Friday, we are pretty busy and could do with the work.”

Source: Proprint