Our reach is not declining… technology is our friend

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Date: 28 July 2017

Brendon Cook, CEO, oOh!media believes Out of Home (OOH) has a great future in the growing digital and mobile marketing world stating, “digital enable clients to use the medium in different way and interact their total campaign in different ways.”

oOh!media operates over eight thousand digital signs and ten thousand static signs nationwide. Cook has said “our reach is not declining… technology is our friend.” The introduction of digital OOH adds further dimensions to campaigns that were not possible before.

“Take Commonwealth Bank and its current brand release, they’ve been using classic for their ‘big brand’ proposition about how they are helping people and they’re using ATMs to reach and ask customers questions that are aggregated by location, appearing on digital signs in 1,100 different environments across our networks in a way that provides contextual relevance to the viewers,” continued Cook.

New technology, more specifically mobile, is complementary to OOH as it helps establish the channel. Digital is allowing for changes and stronger connections that through mobile can now be anywhere, which proves to be an industry wide positive revolution. People are now realising that what can be put on mobile can be put on OOH, and more importantly how linking the two channels is able to create stronger messaging.

With greater insights and data coming forward clients can now think of developing different contextual messages to better target audiences. Cook encourages advertisers to explore OOH options and what is on offer, “agencies and clients should come see us to see the opportunities we have that can inspire them to create great campaigns.”

The combination of using new and old data offers great products for advertisers as OOH has built an amazing new platform that can challenge creatives and generate things never done before.

Source: ADMA