Tess Phillips, General Manager of the OMA speaks at the PIA Advancing Smarter Cities

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Date: 29 September 2017

On 19 and 20 September, OMA General Manager, Tess Phillips, presented at the Advancing Smarter Cities: The Planning Imperative workshops in Sydney and Adelaide. Tess used these sessions to challenge Planners and local governments, noting that if they are committed to smart cities, regulations must allow for innovation (even in Out of Home (OOH) advertising).

Like many other industries, OOH is utilising the digital revolution to change the way people traverse and transact in their cities, and is experimenting with creativity, innovation and utility to stay relevant.

With UNICEF predicting that by 2050, 94% of Australia’s population will be urbanised, the modern metropolis will need to be designed not only to be functional, but also vibrant, connected, healthy and accessible.

Phillips stated “I believe that into the future, successful cities need: connectivity, a sense of culture and identity, and to be enabled by technology.”

“like death and taxes, fast-paced change is now a certainty. As Planners grapple with the task of planning for the unknown, the most important point to remember is: you cannot do this alone. Collaboration is key. And this is where our network of advertising signs comes into play”.

Phillips concluded her PIA congress appearance stating that in order to benefit communities and create cities we want to live in, digital OOH must be led by vision, not driven by regulation.

Source: Tess Phillips