The Evolution of LED in the OOH Industry

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Date: 25 September 2017

Our member, Big Screen Video, have provided an insight into how they have improved the standrard for LED screens in Australia and Internationally.

Since the first digital billboards were lit up in Australia, LED technology has evolved immensely however one thing has remained – quality is the number one priority.

Understanding the quality of LED is essential to the industry for two reasons: Firstly, quality of representation of advertising – this refers to resolution, colours, brightness and contrast. The second reason is a solid return on investment (ROI), investing in a quality screen means a longer lifespan and therefore a better ROI.

Australia’s demand for high quality LED has set the precedent in Chinese manufacturing. Suppliers now know that no corners can be cut. The demonstration of knowledge from not only us but our Out of Home (OOH) partners means that every manufacturer knows and understands the level of quality required to supply to Big Screen Video before we even look at a new product.

Over the last ten years there has been great progression in not only the quality of manufacturing and quality control processes but also the quality of employment and working conditions. The Chinese factories work with are now operating similarly to western businesses in regards to staff care, regulated working hours and general working conditions. Frequent trips to China have given Big Screen Video the satisfaction of knowing our manufacturing partners ethical values align with ours.

As a company where quality is the number one priority, and with the OOH industry growing their knowledge and understanding of LED. Many suppliers have developed a great understanding for how crucial every element that makes up an LED screen is to the quality of viewing and longevity of the product.

Regular trips with OOH partners in China has significantly contributed to the continuous development of OOH products. Big Screen Video’s manufacturing partners have seen first-hand the importance of our relationships with the OOH industry and the level of opportunity within Australia. This has resulted in next level investment of time and resources from manufacturing partners. Becoming committed to going above and beyond, the level of research, development and commitment to the Australian market is helping to drive the industry forward.

The bond between Big Screen Video and our OOH partners has led to a real evolution in LED technology. We look forward to seeing what the future has to hold, we’re really just at the beginning of what the digital OOHM world has to offer.

Source: Big Screen Video