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The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has launched OPEN2, the second edition in a collection of books featuring a variety of standout Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns from home and abroad. More than just a book of images, OPEN2 also features opinions and experiences about advertising, crafted by a league of industry leaders.

"OPEN2 continues the conversation we started with our first book OPEN in 2012," said Charmaine Moldrich, OMA CEO. "It presents the endless creative opportunities we know Outdoor offers while providing the reader with creative and strategic insights from some of the leaders in the industry."

Featuring four (4) chapters: Humour me; Sell me something; Tell me a story; and Interact with me, OPEN2 represents how OOH is increasingly becoming reflective of our culture and society.

OPEN2 also illustrates how OOH is part of our cityscape, our commute, our weekend and our shopping and holiday experiences. How OOH cannot be switched off, ignored or fast forwarded. How OOH is 'the original tweet', an undisrupted media channel and the ultimate creative stage. Big, bold, cheeky, simple, clever and controversial, OOH allows brands to be unique, contextually relevant and targeted while reaching mass audiences.

OPEN2 – Hardcover, 176pp

ISBN 978-0-9874105-2-8

Published by the Outdoor Media Association

November 2014

For more information please download our fact sheet

The next edition of OPEN is scheduled for release in 2017.