Self-regulation & Advertising Content

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The regulation of advertising content in Australia is managed by the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB), who administers the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Code of Ethics and various other Codes (links provide above). Although the content displayed in OOH is not owned by the operator, they still must ensure that is does not infringe on the Codes the industry is governed by.

If a consumer has a complaint about any advertising they see in OOH, they must lodge that complaint with the ASB which can be done on their website Once initiated, a complaint is assessed to determine whether it can go to the Advertising Standards Board. Once accepted, the complaint will go to the Board and a determination will be made. Both the advertiser and complainant will be advised of the determination and a case report will be published.

All alcohol advertising complaints are directed to the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Committee (ABAC) unless the complaint is specifically related to a potential breach of the AANA Code of Ethics and then it will still be adjudicated by the ASB.

In 2011 two parliamentary committees reported on the effectiveness of OOH’s self-regulatory system.

Review the Senate Committee Report and the House of Representatives Inquiry Report.