Community Contributions

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This AdThe Out of Home (OOH) industry is very conscious of its responsibility, ensuring that it gives back to the community as it is the most public advertising medium. It is located where people live, shop, socialise, travel and work, and informs a city’s character.

Across Australia, the OOH industry contributes more than 17,000 items of community infrastructure, including bus shelters, kiosks, park benches, pedestrian walkways and telephone booths which is valued at approximately $275 million.

OOH contributes $250 million GDP each year to the economy and employs more than 750 people directly. Government and superannuation funds profit from OOH through rents paid on leasing signs, stock from roads, railways and buildings.

The OOH industry plays an important role in promoting the arts, sports and charitable organisations. In 2015, it is estimated that the industry donated advertising space valued at more than $34 million to charitable and community campaigns.

Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief

In the past the OOH industry has donated used advertising skins so they can be converted into tarpaulins to be used as shelter and beds for victims of natural disaster.

The OMA has facilitated the delivery of over 70 pallets of skins from various OOH formats, generously donated by OMA Members.

They were sent to the Overseas Disaster Resources Organisation that provide services to victims of natural and man-made disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti, the cyclone in Fiji, the 2009 floods in Pakistan, Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu 2015, as well as people affected by the Ebola outbreak.