Outdoor Gives Back

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We're out there and we care. That's why Outdoor advertising gives back.

Outdoor advertising is the most public advertising medium – it is located where we live, work, shop, socialise and travel and informs a city's character. The Outdoor industry is very conscious of its responsibility to the community and that's why we give back. 

Here's a bit more about what goes on behind the ads. And we'd like to hear from you, so please take a minute or two to give us your opinion via our survey.


Yes, we'll help you find shelter, but there's more behind that ad than meets the eye.

  • Outdoor advertising pays for that bus shelter, the seat, and many other amenities in your city that you might not have thought about: kiosks, phone booths, public toilet, park benches and pedestrian bridges.
  • This investment means that local government can put their resources back into the community. In a 2011 AC Nielsen study, 87% thought it important that Outdoor advertising continued to support community infrastructure.2


  • In 2016, the Outdoor industry supported more than 200 beneficiaries with significant contributions to a wide range of Australian charities, healthcare organisations, public bodies and also arts and cultural organisations. Click here for a partial list Community Sponsorships.
  • The Outdoor industry has jointly sponsored National Missing Persons Week for nine consecutive years, raising critical awareness of this important initiative. Each year, 35,000 people are reported missing in Australia. Last year, the Outdoor industry donated $984,000 in advertising space and production costs.


  • The industry continues to back community health and safety campaigns, ranging from highlighting driver fatigue and other aspects of road safety to supporting anti-smoking and safe drinking initiatives.


  • Outdoor advertising keeps you up-to-date, connected to your community and in the know! One in three people say they learned about a local event through outdoor advertising. Entertainment and leisure advertising (holidays, airlines and travel) is one of the most preferred categories of Outdoor advertising.


  • Revenue generated from advertising on sites leased from government goes directly to funding roads and road safety campaigns. 


  • Outdoor advertising is used by nearly every industry in Australia, with a range of clients from small growth businesses through to established multi-national organisations. The benefits of advertising also have a knock-on effect extending beyond consumers and brand owners, to manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, printers, production houses and many others.

7. WHO, ME?

The Outdoor industry takes its role in maintaining advertising standards seriously. Through working together, and developing tools such as the OMA's Concept Advisory Service, we are pleased to report that only one complaint per year over the past two years has resulted in a breach of the Advertising Standards Bureau codes. We are very proud of this considering we run over 30,000 campaigns nationally each year. For more information about advertising standards and the OMA content advisory service, click here.For more information on the Advertising Standard Board or to make a complaint click here.

We would love to know what you think about Outdoor advertising. Please take a few minutes give to us your opinion via a two minute survey.