State and Local Government Regulation

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The development of Out of Home (OOH) advertising in Australia is regulated by state road authorities, state planning departments and local government. The OMA works closely with these authorities to advocate for reasonable and evidence-based regulations. The OMA’s Code of Ethics requires its members to comply with government regulations. 

The approval process for an OOH structure depends on where the structure will be placed. Most roadside OOH is regulated by state and local government planning laws and policies, but sometimes approvals will also need to be sought from the state road authority.

Sometimes state government agencies or local councils that own signage will contract an OOH operator to display advertisements on that structure. This usually means that the OOH operator is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and any upgrades to the structure.

If you plan to develop OOH signage, the OMA recommends that you read through the information on this section of the website. If you have further questions, the best point of contact is the state road authority or local council in which you plan to operate. Alternatively, if you have a site that you would like to use for advertising, we suggest that you contact one of our members for more information.

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