The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) celebrated 80 years of industry representation in 2019.

Founded in 1939 as the Outdoor Advertising Association of Australia, the original the membership was made up of entrepreneurial individuals as well as the first publicly-listed Out of Home (OOH) companies. Advertisements were for the staples at the time: tea, biscuits, and beer, and were more often than not painted directly onto the sides of buildings and trams.

Flash forward 80 years to today, with signs now delivering messages ranging from technology to finance to retail and more. OOH always has been and still is ubiquitous, innovative, entertaining, and effective; it invites conversation and helps connect people with their surroundings and communities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The industry has, over time, played an important role in the economy and liveability of cities. Today, over 50% of OOH revenue is returned to governments and landlords around Australia, ensuring a constant and ongoing reinvestment in technology and amenity.

The OMA is proud to be part of the OOH industry for 80 years; to be a partner and unifier, to showcase the best of the channel. The industry's innovation has ensured its legacy and relevancy well into the future.

Vintage OOH campaigns