The OMA Creative Collection was born in 2013, to acknowledge and celebrate the best Out of Home creative and innovative executions each quarter.

The industry has undergone phenomenal change since the inception of Creative Collection. Digital OOH now represents 64.1% (2022) of revenue, up from 11.3% in 2013.

The evolving OOH landscape provides boundless opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers in real-time, while at the same time, the flexibility of classic billboards has continued to deliver scale, reach and impact time and time again. The Creative Collection categories have been revised to more accurately reflect this new environment and to better showcase the creative work that is being presented.  

The five categories for the Creative Collection are:

Big, Bold and Bright

  1. Campaigns that make you Look Up
  2. Simple, engaging, memorable and/or humorous
  3. Strong creative appeal and visual impact

Best Use of Multi-Format

  1. Campaigns which were booked across more than two formats (transit, roadside, street furniture, static, digital etc)
  2. Makes use of the versatility of the OOH channel to reach and engage audiences across multiple formats and audiences
  3. Makes the most of context and/or adds to the surrounds

Best Use of Digital

  1. Digital campaigns that are dynamic or relevant to the environment (contextual)
  2. Use opportunities for immediacy and broadcast that go beyond weather and countdowns but may incorporate these tactics in a new and innovative way
  3. Delivers the right message, at the right time and place, to the right audience

Innovation in Out of Home

  1. Campaigns that prioritise the creative concept and use technology as a tool to bring this concept to life
  2. Embraces new technology and innovation with the purpose to drive audience action
  3. Serves as an effective reach partner for static OOH campaigns as well as larger media campaigns that integrate television, audio, online, mobile and print

Out of Home for Good

  1. Strong creative appeal and visual impact, and clarity of message and purpose
  2. Makes the most of context and/or adds to the surrounds
  3. Campaigns that are dynamic and/or or relevant to the environment

To submit a campaign, and for entry criteria, please email

Below is a collection of our quarterly Creative Collection winners.