We know Out of Home achieves mass reach cost effectively but did you also know that it is #1 in driving Awareness and Desirability?

Our new study asked consumers about the role of all media channels across four areas: Awareness, Desirability, Consideration and Prompting trial.
The study shows that Out of Home is:

#1 ‘Makes you aware of brands’

#1 ‘Makes a brand look desirable’

#2 ‘Prompts you to try a brand’

#4 ‘Makes you consider a brand’


Contact info@oma.org.au or an OMA member for the full presentation. OMA members may download from here:

OOH Toolkit Day In the Life Members Only


About the Day in the Life Study

At the end of 2022, we wanted to test the role of advertising and media channels in people’s daily lives. We measured consumer perceptions, across all media as well as the time spent with each.

The results show that Out of Home is consistent in people’s daily lives and is even more important to brands as audiences continue to fragment.