With one glance, your brain is making more neural connections than there are stars in the universe.

Neuroscience allows us to explore the subconscious and helps us uncover the mysteries of how memories are made. This is the key to measuring the impact of one glance.

The findings of our neuroscience study show the impact of advertising on the subconscious, and provides scientific proof of the effectiveness of digital and classic Out of Home.

Read The Neuro Impact Factor whitepaper: a presentation of the OMA’s neuroscience study in partnership with Neuro-Insight, measuring the impact on the audience when they are viewing different Out of Home formats and the application of results as a media measurement metric.

Below is a multimedia event featuring Neuro-Insight CEO Peter Pynta presenting the Neuro Impact of Out of Home. Guest speaker Professor Joel Pearson, founder and director of the Future Minds Lab at the University of New South Wales, shows that the subconscious brain is vital to every day decision making.

CEO of the OMA, Charmaine Moldrich hosts the event, concluding with a Q&A session with Pia Coyle, Managing Partner, Avenue C and Emma Hegg, Head of Out of Home, dentsu international.

Watch now from the links below.

The Neuro Impact of Out of Home webcast (30 minutes)


The Neuro Impact of Out of Home study (2 minutes)


About the OMA's neuroscience study

The research was conducted by Neuro-Insight for the OMA and uses eye-tracking and brain-imaging technology to measure the brain's neural responses to seeing advertising on both classic and digital signs.

The findings come directly from the brains of 2,000 people who interacted with more than 800 signs. With over one million data points measuring the impact of a glance, it’s the world's largest media neuroscience study.

The result of the study, allows us to create an algorithm called the Neuro Impact Factor. The OMA will build this into MOVE as a qualitative measure to help planners and buyers better understand the effectiveness of their campaigns.











About Peter Pynta MAICD

Peter has worked in the media, advertising and research business for the past 30 years. He is the CEO of Neuro-Insight Pty Ltd, and a board director of Mental Health Victoria.

In a career that has spanned media, sales and research roles, Peter has specialised in the development of business units that provide highly actionable consumer research and media insights within companies like News Corporation, Nielsen, the Ten Network and the Nine Network.

A recipient of the Advertising Research Foundations’ Great Mind Award, Peters’ work continues to focus on innovations that unlock how advertising works – empowering advertisers globally with solutions that optimise the effectiveness of contemporary marketing communications. 



About Professor Joel Pearson

Joel is the founder and director of Future Minds Lab at the University of New South Wales. An experimental startup which is part agency and part traditional research laboratory; home to a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists, data scientists, UX and visual designers. 

Joel is also founder and managing director of MindX, a consultancy born out of UNSW's Future Minds Lab, working with brands including Google, Macquarie Bank, Lexus, PIXAR, M&C Saatchi, The&Partnership, NSW Department of Education and Samsung. MindX gathers objective data on the ways in which people’s minds work, to help inform creative and business development outcomes by applying the research in practical ways.

Joel holds a BFA (Fine Arts), BA (Psych) Hon (1st), and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. Read more.

Photo credit: Steve Baccon