Hyperlocal Out of Home ads win the prizes in Q2

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has today announced the winners of its quarter two 2020 Creative Collection competition.

Launched in 2013, the Creative Collection celebrates the big, bold, and audacious canvas that is Out of Home by recognising exceptional campaigns each quarter.

Campaigns are judged across the following categories:

  • Big, Bold, and Bright
  • Best Use of Multi-Format
  • Best Use of Digital
  • Innovation in Out of Home  

Quarter two 2020 attracted 19 submissions from OMA members including: Bishopp Outdoor Advertising, JCDecaux, oOh!media, and QMS Media.

 Guest judges included:

  • Oliver Newton, General Manager of Sales, JCDecaux
  • Thomas Tearle, General Manager, Isobar
  • Russ Tucker, Executive Creative Director, TBWA Sydney
  • Elly Whitehouse, Senior Graphic Designer, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising

The judges praised the clarity of messaging and support for local Australian brands across the entries, awarding a quarterly Grand Prix to JCDecaux Content and Broadsheet’s Restaurant Live Lists campaign.

“The winning campaigns this quarter delivered direct brand messaging in iconic creative. The Bundaberg ginger beer campaign was a classic brand advertisement which speaks to all Australians. Bundaberg is a great company which continues to create classic identifiable campaigns,” said Thomas Tearle, General Manager, Isobar.  

“Every brand has come out with a COVID 'reassurance' campaign in these 'unprecedented times'. The refreshing creative media approach from Broadsheet, directs customers to empty tables in struggling restaurants with location specific digital Outdoor. Creatively executed to feel like a live listing while avoiding COVID clichés,” said Russ Tucker, Executive Creative Director, TBWA \ Eleven.

Elly Whitehouse, Senior Graphic Designer, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising said “Outdoor has a way to catch your eye and never let go. Foxtel Binge delivered a campaign that made me want to learn more, it was bright, eye catching and colourful, everything you want to make your service stand out.”

“I want a campaign to draw me in and keep me there. Menulog did just that, using humour so delightfully, in a way to engage with out and about commuters to re-enforce the current ‘new normal’. I loved that they used food they deliver to measure physical distancing while maintaining their distinctive branding,” said Oliver Newton, General Manager of Sales, JCDecaux.

OMA CEO Charmaine Moldrich said “The OMA’s quarter two 2020 Creative Collection showcased two distinct campaign styles. This led to a robust debate over the value of platitudes versus classic branding. The winning campaigns reflect the judges’ opinion that being true to your brand is key, and that brands that make a difference in times like this must go beyond the clichés. This was particularly true of Broadsheet’s Restaurant Live Lists which won the quarter two Grand Prix, for its consistent branding while making a difference to independent restaurants by promoting their menus to diners.”

“I was drawn to the National Gallery of Australia’s Know My Name campaign which brought female Australian artists from the gallery’s collection to the street. Using digital signs the campaign featured the work of 45 artists.”

“The judges were treated to a great selection of work in quarter two, when Out of Home advertising took a back seat. What was wonderful to see was work that was clear, simple and purposeful; engaging audiences using brand, humour and wit – all the things OOH advertising can bring to the fore in any campaign,” concluded Moldrich.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Q2 Grand Prix and Best Use of Digital
Campaign: Restaurant Live Lists
Advertiser: JCDecaux Content x Broadsheet Media
Creative agency: JCDecaux x Broadsheet
Media agency: Direct
Printer: N/A


Big, Bold, and Bright
Campaign: Binge – Feel a binge coming on?
Advertiser: Streamotion Binge
Creative agency: The Hallway
Media agency: Havas Media + QMS Media
Printer: N/A


Big, Bold, and Bright – Honourable Mention
Campaign: Summer 2019/20
Advertiser: Bundaberg Brewed Drinks
Creative agency: In House
Media agency: Carat Brisbane
Printer: N/A


Best Use of Multi-Format
Campaign:oOh!media and the NGA launch the nation’s largest art event
Advertiser: National Gallery of Australia     
Creative agency: N/A
Media agency: oOh!media
Printer: Cactus Imaging


Innovation in Out of Home
Campaign: Menulog LAM & Brand
Advertiser: Menulog
Creative agency: McCann
Media agency: UM (NSW)
Printer: N/A



Emma Ward, Communications Manager, Outdoor Media Association – T: 0403 270 855