Media i Survey reveals positive outlook for OOH Industry


Media i, the leading provider of industry sentiment surveys for the media advertising industry, has released its latest report highlighting the state of the media industry. ​The survey, of over 4,700 respondents (80% of the media advertising industry) provides valuable insights into the attitudes and opinions of media agencies and media owners. ​

30% of Media agency professionals surveyed reported that OOH channels were the easiest to plan and buy, indicating the industry's efficiency and effectiveness.

Furthermore, media agency perceptions of OOH channels have improved period on period. ​OOH channels were recognized as the top performing media channel in 3 categories:

  • 52% voted OOH first as the most service oriented
  • 40% voted OOH first as the most proactive
  • 42% voted OOH first for delivering the most innovation and creative solutions

This highlights the industry's commitment to providing relevant consumer insights and driving impactful advertising campaigns.

Overall, the Media i Industry Survey highlights the positive outlook for the OOH industry. ​With its ease of planning and buying, service-oriented approach, and innovative solutions, the OOH industry continues to be a critical broadcast channel for advertisers.

Note: The information provided in this article is sourced from the Media i Industry Survey May 2024 Highlights document.