Ocean Outdoor asks Britons to smile through lockdown

As the UK goes through a second lockdown, Ocean Outdoor is spreading positivity through its #SmileWithUs campaign.

The campaign is inviting the public to submit a photo of themselves, family or friends smiling to the world to be put on Ocean Outdoor’s large digital screens across the country.

One of the UK’s primary Out of Home media owners, Ocean Outdoor has billboards throughout retail districts and extensively on roadsides from London, Glasgow and Edinburgh to Aberdeen, South Hampton and Birmingham.

The campaign, which will run until England’s lockdown is lifted, is being broadcast across 13 cities, displaying participant’s smiles for 60 minutes at midday every day. Said to relieve stress, boost confidence, lower blood pressure and elevate mood, smiling with Ocean Outdoor is still welcoming submissions.

With the pandemic prompting many creatives across multiple fields to think of ways to lift the spirits of their communities and bring people together in the shared experience, #SmilewithUs aims to promote wellbeing as the challenging year comes to an end.  

Ocean Outdoor has been proactive in generating positivity in the Outdoor space from the beginning of the pandemic, using its screens to thank the NHS with the Our Local Heroes campaign and showcasing children’s illustrations of rainbows to spread hope.

Despite the decline in revenue the Out of Home industry has experienced this year, Ocean Outdoor’s campaign is a daily mood booster that signifies the enduring positivity of the industry. 

Source: Ocean Outdoor