Orange Sky: Homelessness can happen to anyone

The Out of Home Industry is invested in giving back to the community. Here at the OMA, we want to recognise the great not-for-profit or charity campaigns our members have supported over the years.

In 2021, an EOFY oOh! campaign for Orange Sky, with the key message Homelessness can happen to anyoneran from mid-May through till 30 June 2021, with the aim of supporting 12,500 shifts in the coming 12 months.

As a long-standing Community partner, oOh! worked closely with Orange Sky’s marketing team to develop a multi-channel campaign that would drive an emotional connection and impact amongst Australians.

Leading with the key message “Homelessness Can Happen To Anyone’, oOh! Studio developed a human-centric campaign that enabled donations through QR Codes. The campaign was supported with inventory across Billboards, Street Furniture, Rail and Office, and was also used by Orange Sky online, in email branding and across social media channels.

Orange Sky reported this as their most successful fundraising campaign since their inception, with inclusion of QR codes supporting the business in doubling the campaign’s revenue targets and attracting a record number of first-time donors.


  • The oOh! QR codes generated 889 clicks, leading to 53 donations from the public and an additional $1,624 in charity revenue across the campaign period.
  • Doubled the revenue target for the campaign and the number of regular givers on the previous years campaign
  • Received 1,779 unique donations, up over 500 from last year
  • Attracted a record number of first-time donors, 5 times that of our previous campaign

Source: oOh!media