Outdoor industry announces plan to partner with Brisbane City Council on Amber Alerts for missing children

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) and its members have announced an industry-wide partnership with Brisbane City Council (BCC) to pilot the delivery of Amber Alerts on outdoor signs.

An amber alert is an important initiative that supports law enforcement in the urgent broadcasting and circulation of details about missing children or child abductions using digital signs.

“As we know the first days are crucial in finding missing children, we believe that with our network of signs broadcasting 24/7, seen by 93 per cent of Australians every day, we are in a powerful position to help locate children when they go missing or are abducted,” said Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of the OMA.

The display of Amber Alerts on digital signs has already been tested and successfully delivered by OMA members in Brisbane: goa and QMS Media.

“It’s exciting to see that the industry is taking steps to improve the Amber Alerts system as goa has already run eight Amber Alert campaigns in conjunction with the Queensland Police,” said Chris Tyquin, CEO and Joint Managing Director of goa.

“QMS has worked closely with the Queensland Police to develop the Amber Alerts process ensuring these important messages are broadcast within 30 minutes of receiving them to maximise public engagement,” said John O’Neill, CEO of QMS Media.

Community, Arts and Lifestyle Chair Peter Matic said Brisbane City Council was proud to be working with the Outdoor Media Association to deliver a new and very important service to the people of Brisbane.

“We are committed to ensuring residents receive important information quickly and will be working with the Outdoor Media Association to display Amber Alerts digital signs across Brisbane,” Cr Matic said.

“These Amber Alerts broadcast urgent public safety information through the media, including digital signage, and can lead to the quick and safe recovery of abducted or missing persons,” Cr Matic continued.

Cr Matic said “Council is working with local communities every day to ensure Brisbane has the services and infrastructure to meet the needs of residents.”

The OMA is working with counterparts in the United States, the Out of Home Advertising Association of America and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, who have successfully delivered Amber Alerts since 2008.

“We hope the Brisbane Amber Alerts pilot program will inform how we can build a system to roll out Amber Alerts across Australia. We know this will be a big task and will require collaboration with each State Police force, but we believe it is a worthy and important cause to support,” continued Moldrich.

The announcement of the partnership between the OMA and BCC comes during National Missing Persons Week, running from Sunday 4 August to Saturday 10 August 2019.

Source: OMA press release