Podcast call to action on Out of Home

Teaming up to bring the community 'Street Podcasts', Clear Channel Italia and Podcastory have launched their Out of Home campaign with an International Women’s Day series promoting extraordinary women who have changed the world.

Using QR codes to entice passersby to tune into a podcast, the campaign is part of a larger project to share on demand audio in Italy. Its debut for International Women’s Day, promoted with an abstract female silhouette, prompted audiences to listen to stories about female icons Hedy Lamarr and Simone de Beauvoir produced by Podcastory.

Podcastory, a 'podcast factory' start-up based in Milan, produces short, emotionally charged podcasts, encouraging businesses to use the medium to convey the values of their brand or expand their content offering with audio.

Giving voice to stories that are otherwise silent, they hope to use Out of Home to increase their following by creating a clear call to action for newcomers to the podcast craze or avid listeners. For International Women’s Day, every stream to Podcastory’s profiles on Lamarr and de Beauvoir will see a donation made to a non-profit organisation in the field of women’s rights.

Source: ansa.it