We're hiring: MOVE Assistant

MOVE Assistant

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in a new role or at least considering your options on the career front.

You might even be hoping you’ll find your dream job.

We get it.

We wrote this ad because we’re looking for our dream MOVE Assistant.

To save us both some time we’d like to ask that if as you’re reading this ad you’re thinking, “These people sound like my people, I’d love to work with them” we would definitely like you to apply.

However, If you’re reading this, nothing really resonates with you and you’re thinking “I’ll just put my resume in and apply because I need a job” we suggest you find something else to apply for because we don’t do indifferent here; we’re a “hell yes” or a “hell no” kinda team.

First things first

MOVE is an amazing program that tells media buyers and advertisers how many people see signs that are outside; billboards, bus shelters, airport advertising, etc, across Australia. So, as our Assistant you will learn a lot about how media is bought and sold in Australia, about the other media channels and a lot about people and how they MOVE (get it) around our signs and what they see. You will learn things that will make you look really brainy because what MOVE does is super intelligent.

About the role

So you can see that unlike many businesses, we know that a great MOVE Assistant just might be the MOVE teams’ secret weapon.

In this role you’ll be working very closely with the General Manager (GM) and the MOVE Systems and Training Manager. Reporting to the GM you’ll also work with the Executive Assistant to the CEO, alongside the Marketing Assistant – so you will be part of a team of high performing assistants who will have each other’s backs.

The MOVE Assistant role in our business is a bit like a wheel on the bus, without it it’s a wobbly ride and hard to stay on track, but when it’s there everyone can focus on the journey ahead.

Although an Assistants role includes what can sometimes feel like a never-ending volume of things to do this role has two key objectives:

  1. To provide support to the MOVE team and assist with help-desk functions.
  2. To provide administration support to the broader team and business.

As our Assistant you’ll be responsible for supporting the management of the MOVE online audience measurement database, providing help-desk functions like user access and checking sign data for accuracy. You’ll also provide general administrative support for the business functions, like board papers, IT, finance and HR.

Given the size of the team and the nature of the work we do, from time to time you’ll be planning meetings and supporting the team in the organisation of events.

Along the way you’ll also be coordinating and assisting with the material development for training and meetings. Some will be periodic (e.g. MOVE Training and Board meetings) and some will be ad hoc (e.g. for a meeting or event), but you’ll always need to be timely and prepared. In other words, you’re a process pro.

A significant part of your time will be spent responding to help-desk queries, writing emails, making calls and talking to people in meetings - in a nutshell - communicating. You’ll do this with ease and efficiency, ensuring the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

About us

This is the serious stuff about MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure), it is the Audience Measurement System used by the OMA members. MOVE shares the CEO, staff and offices with the OMA, which is a separate entity.

The OMA is an incorporated, not-for-profit industry body with a current membership of 35.

We are a small dynamic team of specialists who work together to provide audience measurement, marketing, policy, government relations and other services to our members.

Our core values are that we are: ‘Spirited and Smart with Humour and Heart’.

We like to live these values. We do things in a way that brings these values to life (instead of putting them on posters on the walls).

Members of the OMA include the major outdoor advertising companies like JCDecaux, oOh! Media and QMS Media as well as a series of members who provide support services to our members and members who own some of the major assets like Transport for NSW and Telstra. 

About you

You’re the kind of person others describe as a friendly, with a good sense of humour and a natural ability to communicate well, in person and in writing.

A problem solver, technically savvy, an administrative warrior – all rolled into one.

Often known to get your hands dirty and push on until the job is done, you’re the kind of person who puts their hand up and is a doer. For you, the little things are the big things – attention to detail is in your DNA.

You get a real sense of satisfaction out of ticking things off to-do lists and being a strong team player.

If something can be done more effectively then you can’t stand being involved in the less-than-ideal process and have been the architect of process improvement solutions in your time.

You have an appreciation for technology and big data – or even a love of creativity, advertising or something similar.

To succeed in this role you’ll need to be able to hand-on-heart answer “yes” to each of the four statements below. We’ve tried to explain exactly why each of them is so important to us, so that you can be sure.

I am a SMART big picture thinker.

In this role a holistic understanding of the business is an absolute must. Whether or not you’ve worked in a membership organisation before, you understand the dynamics at play when your business exists to support a group of other businesses as opposed to simply providing a product or service to clients on a transactional basis. Our members are a part of our organisation and we do everything to benefit them.

I prioritise my work with SPRITIED ease.

The team is often stretched too thin. A big part of your job is to ease the load and allow team members to focus their attention on getting bang for our members’ bucks.

I have a HEART felt ability to anticipate things.

You know what the team needs before they tell you. This is going to require a little bit of learning of how things roll around here, but once you’ve clocked us you’ll run like a well-oiled machine (don’t worry we’ll give you time to get to know the drill).

I am a great communicator with sense of HUMOUR.

In addition to the GM, you’re interfacing with everyone from members and the internal team, to suppliers and clients and users of MOVE. A love for clear communication has to be part of your skillset and the ability to quickly fix things with the lightness of touch and a bit of a laugh along the way will win you friends and help you influence our people. 

We’ll need you to be confident sharing examples of how you’ve handled the responsibilities we’ve outlined for this role in the businesses or experiences you’ve had previously.

The ideal candidate would confidently be able to say –  “I’m a quick learner who takes pride in the work I do, I’m a strong team player and know I can contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of the MOVE team and organisation as a whole”.

What's in it for you?

This role will offer you a chance to gain experience in a small organisation, which means building your skills set across multiple areas while working closely with varying levels of expertise. You will be challenged to meet your full potential and have a high performing supportive team to mentor you along the way.

As an integral part of a committed quirky team of specialists your days will be busy and enjoyable. We bring our values to life every day in the way we treat each other and the way we work. That means you can bring all of you to work with you! Bonus.

Once you’re part of our team we really do care, protect and mentor you. You are not a number but an important member or our team.  

We have lovely offices in Williams Street, just 10 minutes from Museum, Kings Cross and Town Hall train stations

There are fabulous cafes nearby with delicious treats, such as Flour and Stone and their lemon drizzle cake! Stanley Street is just around the corner and loaded with all sorts of cuisines; Thai, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Modern Australian... There’s also the local pubs including the LoRo (Lord Roberts) and Hyde Park House which has the perfect summer time rooftop bar. It would be remiss not to mention the daughter of the CEOs well renowned hatted restaurant across the road, Lankan Filling Station.

Your package will be created to recognise the skill and experience you’re bringing with you to the role.

Next steps

If you’re reading this bit, we’re guessing you’re interested. Great news!

Now, because one of the things we’re looking for is attention to detail we’re not going to be accepting applications from anyone who just hits ‘apply now’ and sends us a resume and cover letter.

To make sure this is the right role for you we’ve created an Application Pack which includes the position description, some more information on our core values and a video from our GM with a question we’d like you to answer when you apply.

Don’t worry, it's not a right or wrong type question, it’s just to help us to make this process as quick and painless as possible (for both our sakes).

Please do some intelligent online stalking before you apply because let’s be honest, if you don’t like what you find you’re probably not going to love working with us.

Check our websites out at www.oma.org.au and www.moveoutdoor.com.au, also have a look at the GM’s LinkedIn profile here.

Once you’re sure that this job really feels like the one for you, please email Ganjina Nozakova at Ganjina.Nozakova@oma.org.au with the subject line ‘Application Pack’ and we’ll send you a little digital care package with everything you need to know before we talk more.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to apply for this position, we’re looking forward to learning more about you.

NOTE: We will advertise until 18 June 2021, then we’ll finalise our shortlist and call the candidates we feel are the best match for us to arrange interviews. Even if your application isn’t successful, we’ll be back in touch with you, even if just by email, we understand that as a candidate it’s important to know where your application stands.