Out of Home (OOH) is a prominent fixture in the Australian urban landscape. It can't be skipped, blocked, muted or fast-forwarded.

This ubiquity and the desire for a sustainable self-regulated industry led to the development of the OMA Code of Ethics, which guides members on responsible business operation.

OMA policies

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Code of Ethics

Advertising Content Policy

Alcohol Advertising Policy

Digital Signage Policy

Environment and Sustainability Policy

National Health and Wellbeing Policy

Placement Policy

Political Advertising Policy

Vegetation Management Policy

Model codes

The OMA works closely with state planning departments, state road authorities and local governments across Australia to ensure that planning controls promote safe, high quality signage that is well integrated with the surrounding environment. The model codes are a best practice guideline for the regulation of Outdoor advertising devices and signage. They apply to both large format billboards and small format signs such as bus shelters and street level panels.