The latest research and insights from the Outdoor Media Association (OMA).

The art and science of Outdoor media

Discover how Out of Home advertising can work with the human mind to create meaningful and resonant connections. Read more here.

Anatomy of Out of Home

Anatomy of Out of Home (OOH) explores the power of Outdoor advertising, compiling research and insights both locally and from across the globe.

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Summer is Outdoor

Australians love summer: it's the time to be outdoors, socialising, and shopping. In 2018 spending was up 12% in summer compared to the previous three seasons.

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A healthy media plan

Outdoor media is an integral part of a healthy media plan.

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The role of Outdoor

What is the role of Outdoor and how is it changing?

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The Primal Advantage

Our skin doesn't lie. It’s in our nature to be more alert when out of home. Biometric research proves that when people are out of home they are 2x more alert and likely to act. Read more here.

Future Cities

Future Cities was an event curated by the OMA to bring together city thinkers and culture creators to discuss the future of Australia’s cities.

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