How good is it to be Out of Home again?

As lockdowns end and restrictions ease, we're seeing a resurgence in audience volumes in outdoor places and spaces. Now, with the weather warming up for Spring, it's the perfect time to reach a positive and alert audience on the go. 

The numbers

Being Out of Home has never been more appealing or important. With 58 per cent of Australians intending to take road trips, 83 per cent intending to visit café’s, pubs and venues^, and four in five agreeing they generally feel happier to be out and about compared to before the COVID-19 outbreak, it's time for us to be Out of Home.^^

  • Traffic is back at 89 per cent of normal levels*
  • Shopping centre visits are back to 93 per cent of normal levels*
  • People in NSW are out and about at 85 per cent of normal levels
  • People in QLD are out and about at 98 per cent of normal levels
  • People in SA are out and about at 90 per cent of normal levels
  • People in WA are out and about at 95 per cent of normal levels^^^

The campaign

The Spring into Out of Home campaign went live Monday 12 October and will run for four weeks across digital Out of Home signs nationwide. Participating OMA members: BIG Outdoor, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising, goa Billboards, JCDecaux, oOh!media, Paradise Outdoor Advertising, and QMS Media.


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Drinkwise case study

oOh!media's COVID-19 Pulse Report –


^Source: oOh!media Pulse Report 2020, Australians aged 16+, n=3,726.

^^Source: oOh!media Pulse Report. Timing: 1st-4th & 18th-19th May 2020. Research panel: Dynata. Australians aged 16+. Wave one: n=2,212. Wave two: n=423. 

^^^ Source: oOh!DataScience, DSpark, Retail and Roadside locations, total volumes week ending September 28 2020 vs. same week 2019

*Excludes Victoria.

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