Welcome to MOVE 1.5. The Outdoor industry’s upgraded system which introduces an accurate measurement for digital signs, alongside a qualitative metric, the Neuro Impact Factor (NIF).

What this gives buyers is the information to improve campaign strategy; now you can choose across the network of classic and digital signs, based on the formats that deliver the right audience coverage and impact. 

Nine out of 10 people leave home each day, so Out of Home (OOH) is still an effective broadcast advertising channel. But now, neuroscience has proven the role OOH plays right through the advertising funnel. You can now focus on where in that funnel, you want your OOH advertising campaign to sit and really drive effective results for advertisers. 

All you need is a glance to have impact.

Introducing MOVE 1.5

What's new

MOVE 1.5 is the interim measure for digital OOH while we build MOVE 2.0.

Providing reach and frequency scores based on all-day dwell by environment, audience dwell, visibility, and Share of Time.

The Neuro Impact Factor provides an impact score for classic, digital and by campaign; use it based on your campaign objectives for reach, frequency, and impact.

A standardised Insertion Order (IO) will make it easier for agencies/clients to transact.

For the first time ever, you can measure your entire campaign: classic and digital.

OOH delivers impact, proven through Neuroscience.

OOH impact is in the range of a 15s TVC and a 30s radio ad.

Use classic and digital together to maximise reach, for tactical campaigns, context, and impact.

How to use the Neuro Impact Factor


The OMA team are available to present the benefits of MOVE 1.5 and how to use it. If you would like a high-level presentation, including The Neuro Impact Factor, contact info@oma.org.au to schedule. For functional training about what this means in MOVE and how to read the new reports, contact ganjina.nozakova@oma.org.au 

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Frequently Asked Questions about MOVE 1.5

What is MOVE 1.5? 

What is the Neuro Impact Factor?