OMA members are part of a local and global community, supporting one another individually and collectively as an industry.

We work together to build the industry through providing research and insights, improving our offerings with new technology and innovation, and nurturing sustainable growth.

Membership categories

There are three categories of OMA membership.

Media Owners

Outdoor media companies that advertise third-party products across all categories in the OOH sector: buses, trams, pedestrian bridges, billboards, and free-standing advertisement panels, on street furniture (bus/tram shelters), bus stations, railway stations, shopping centres, universities, and airport precincts.

Learn more about our Media Owner members here.


Production and installation companies including printers, installers, maintenance, fabrication companies, and other producers of billboard skins, vinyls, and digital screens.

Learn more about our Supplier members here.

Asset Owners

The owners of the properties where OOH advertising stands.

Learn more about our Asset Owner members here.

Membership benefits


  • Access to industry-endorsed audience measurement
  • Custom research into industry advancements


  • Invitations to thought leadership, industry seminars, events, and awards
  • Benefit from lobbying and advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues
  • Participate in community partnerships


  • Assistance with industry standards and guidelines
  • Support to meet codes and regulations


  • Access to industry reports
  • Access to industry-specific, customised Workplace Health and Safety materials
  • Access to individual council development control plans

Become a member

Please click here to download the membership form.

If you would like further information regarding membership contact the OMA.

Membership Cost

Annual membership fees are paid according to a fee structure. Please contact us for more information.