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September 2023: Update

We are taking the lessons learnt from the success of MOVE along with new data collection sources and advancements in computing to help build the next generation of audience measurement for Out of Home (OOH) in Australia, MOVE 2.0. Transparency is the key to unlocking the door to credibility, and at the core of that is working with agencies and clients to ensure the new system works for them, as well as us.

In August we held round table events with agency leads in Sydney and Melbourne to give F2F updates on our progress and share the key messages and benefits of the new platform:

·       Regional measurement for the first time with over 100,000 signs measured across Australia;

·       Placed-based measurement (all-formats);

·       Audience data for 365 days a year; including seasonal fluctuations;

·       Digital measurement calculated for an individual sign;

·       A more open eco-system with the ability to share the data.

The guru of all things MOVE and lead on the project Grant Guesdon continues to work with IPSOS on processing the data, with the first set of all format results delivered in stages across December 2023 and January 2024 . Earlier this month an Expression of Interest was released which called for data research organisations and/or media data software vendors currently serving (or having an interest in serving) OOH advertisers, their agencies and/or OOH contractors, to submit RFP’s for the purpose of understanding work required to integrate MOVE data into their own products and software.

Upon delivery of the first full set of data the next stage will be to provide MOVE members with the audience data for their inventory, to review and understand the new currency.


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Building MOVE from 2005–2009 was a herculean task undertaken by the Outdoor industry. Its launch in 2010 introduced a new currency Likelihood to See (LTS), which was the launching pad for a renaissance in the industry. We were the only traditional media channel not to be disrupted by the internet and we had a credible and powerful audience measurement to prove it.

In less than five years Out of Home (OOH) was in the top three media channels bought by agencies, coming from sixth place overtaking magazines, print and radio to sit beside online and TV.

MOVE, while being the instigator of change was supercharged by the rapid introduction of digital signs into our plant. Again, in less than five years we went from having seven per cent of our income generated by digital signs to having over 50 per cent of our revenue generated by digital. Today, digital accounts for around 67 per cent of our revenue.

This is the impetus for an evolution from MOVE to MOVE 2.0. To account for a measurement of digital audiences, as well as to fill the gaps that MOVE didn’t have the capacity for; regional audiences, place-based audiences and visitors to the market and to provide these audiences in a more granular way that allows for monthly and seasonal variations, as well as hourly movements. 

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