The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) and MOVE are managed by the CEO who leads a talented and passionate team with the mantra "Spirited and Smart with Humour and Heart."

We are grateful for the assistance of consultants, freelancers, and agencies who provide expertise for a variety of projects.

Read a bit more about us below: 

  1. What we love about the Out of Home industry
  2. A hidden talent
  3. One thing people may not know about us

Charmaine Moldrich, CEO

  1. I love the people in Outdoor, smart, sharp, and full of heart. I love that our members support their industry body to the hilt, they truly embrace the principles of unity and camaraderie.
  2. My hidden talent is... I can transform a few ingredients into a delicious meal, and I am especially good at turning leftovers into an entirely new dish. 
  3. I was once a pyrotechnician.

Kylie Green, General Manager, MOVE

  1. I love the collaborative approach to tackling challenges in this growing industry. It's an exciting space to share with some of the brightest and best in media.  
  2. My hidden talent is… I can cut a rug on the dance floor after a splash of wine.
  3. One thing you may not know about me is that… my dream is to have enough money someday to rescue all the dogs.

Grant Guesdon, MOVE 2.0 Lead

  1. Out of Home is part of every day life. No matter what other media people may choose to consume, OOH is part of their day.
  2. My hidden talent... Animals rarely see me as any type of threat. Pets of family, friends, and even strangers are all willing to hang out with me. I should have been a vet.
  3. I can’t dance, despite lessons on more than one occasion. I’m so goofy that my wife has banned me from dancing with no exceptions, even if she’s not there.

Julie Jensen, Director of Marketing

  1. I love the innovation and forward thinking of our board, keeping us on the front foot and investing in new ideas and initiatives – it’s an exciting time to be working in Outdoor.
  2. My hidden talent is… throwing pottery.
  3. One thing you may not know about me is that… my Australian journey has coincided with American holidays: I received my permanent residency on the 4th of July and my citizenship on Thanksgiving Day.

Ganjina Nozakova, Systems and Training Manager

  1. I love the power of Out of Home, that it can deliver meaningful messages and has the potential to positively affect communities.
  2. My hidden talent is... sketching. Open for requests! 
  3. I am probably the only Tajik (from Tajikistan) you’ll meet in the OOH industry. If there are more, please reach out! 
Jemima Southgate OMA

Jemima Southgate, EA to the CEO

  1. The thing I love most about OOH is the amazing people within the industry that I've met so far. Brimming with creativity and colour, it’s inspiring to work alongside people that are so passionate about what they do.
  2. My hidden talent is... knowing the song lyrics for just about every Disney movie.
  3. I have always been incredibly interested in people and understanding behaviour. I'm halfway through a psychology degree which I plan to complete one day.

Jose Valderrama, MOVE Assistant

  1. I love the power and impact that OOH has in our life. OOH is an amazing channel to open minds and touch hearts day-to-day.
  2. My hidden talent is... I can imitate people and voices well. I won a prize for this twice in high school.
  3. I’m a professional pianist and orchestra conductor, I’ve written two books about music, piano and technique.

Tallulah Mills-Hicks, Marketing Assistant

  1. I love the variety and creativity that comes with OOH, it’s very exciting to be part of an industry that is so multifaceted.
  2. My hidden talent...Sewing. I can create a Halloween costume or a pillowcase in an afternoon.
  3. I once got asked to audition for The Voice Kids.