The School Mapping Tool ensures that products which are illegal for purchase by minors are not advertised within a 150m sightline of a Primary or Secondary school in Australia.*

Accurately mapping the locations and boundaries of schools across NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA, the School Mapping Tool has been designed as an additional security, ensuring Out of Home (OOH) ads are safe for both the advertiser and the public.

Brand safety

This innovation comes at a time when brand safety is a major concern for advertisers. Programmatic selling online means placement mistakes can happen quite easily with all advertising. For OOH the risk is much smaller, but given that it reaches 93% of the Australian population each day, who see on average 30 OOH ads, it’s important the industry proactively embraces new innovations to give advertisers peace of mind that OOH is brand safe.

The concept of brand safety is one companies have faced over the last couple of years. In a recent report, 68% of Australia’s marketing and media community acknowledged having already confronted brand safety issues**.

“OOH is a very safe channel for marketers. However, because of the nature of its visibility, ubiquity, and reach, it’s important we do all we can for our clients to ensure that their OOH advertising keeps their brands safe." –  Charmaine Moldrich, CEO, OMA and MOVE.


The MOVE School Mapping Tool is powered by school boundary data from PSMA Australia – a provider of high-quality location data and owned by Australian federal, state and territory governments. MOVE compares the GPS location of a sign with the PSMA data and automatically flags non-compliant signs within a proposal. This safeguard makes it possible for all campaigns advertised within the 150m zone to be 100% compliant.

The OMA presented the new School Mapping tool to alcohol clients and agencies across the country.

*The OMA Placement Policy does not apply to transit advertising on buses, trains, trams and taxis.

**Mumbrella; GumGum New Brand Safety Crisis Report