What is Out of Home advertising?

Out of Home (OOH) advertising is advertising that exists out of the home – on roadsides, bus interiors and exteriors (also known as bus wraps), bus shelters, tram exteriors (also known as tram wraps), shopping centres, airports, train stations and office tower foyers.

Why is advertising found on the inside of buildings still classified as OOH advertising?

Advertising found on the inside of buildings such as shopping centres or train stations is still classified as OOH because it is technically found outside of the home.

What are the different OOH formats?

OOH advertising connects with audiences. Whether it’s static printed posters that dominate a space, or moving-image screens that capture consumer attention, OOH has a format to meet every need. OOH travels with us on our journeys through three key environments: roadside, transport and retail/lifestyle/other. Read more about how OOH formats are classified here.

Who uses OOH?

OOH is an important communication channel for advertisers to promote their brand or product, but it's also a very powerful tool for government, and the not-for-profit sector as it is situated in locations where people work, shop, and socialise. Read more about creativity in a pandemic and how advertiers used OOH in our latest Annual Report.

What advantages does OOH deliver to advertisers over other channels?

Big and bold, cheeky, clever and sometimes controversial, OOH is the ultimate creative stage. OOH advertising allows brands to be unique, contextually relevant and targeted, while reaching mass audiences. Read more on OOH's strengths here.

I have a billboard on my property. How much is it worth?

The OMA does not value sites or formats, as it is not registered as a property valuer. Please determine your OOH format and contact an OMA member for any costs associated with an OOH site.

How can I be added to the list to receive the monthly newsletter?

We love sharing information about the OOH industry. Click here to sign up.

How can I be added to the list to receive general and/or financial update press releases?

Please contact the OMA.

How do I find OOH advertising rates?

The OMA does not sell media. Please determine your OOH format and contact an OMA member for advertising rates.

About the Outdoor Media Association

What is the Outdoor Media Association?

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) is the peak industry body representing the businesses that provide services to the OOH advertising industry including companies that own signs, display advertisements and develop campaigns. Collectively, OMA members generate close to 95 per cent of OOH advertising revenue in Australia.

To date the OMA has 32 members and operates nationally. Prior to July 2005, the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) traded as the Outdoor Advertising Association of Australia (OAAA). It was first incorporated in 1939. Click here for more on the OMA.

Who are the members of the OMA?

OMA members run businesses that are dynamic, innovative and responsible. Their network of OOH signs connect people with brands and are part of the iconography of cities. Click here for more information about OMA members.


What is MOVE?

Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure (MOVE) is Australia’s premier quantitative audience measurement currency for Out of Home (OOH) advertising, covering major OOH environments including roadside, airports, railway/bus stations, public transport vehicles (including buses, trains, trams and light rail), shopping centres and petrol stations.

What does MOVE measure?

MOVE measures the audiences of all major OOH formats within the Primary Coverage Areas (PCAs) including roadside, railway and bus stations, airports, buses trams, trains, light rail and shopping centres. Click here to see all the OOH formats measured by MOVE.

What can MOVE do for me?

MOVE simplifies the planning and buying of OOH media by producing audience measurement results for any combination of formats or tailored packages. As well as providing results numerically, an inbuilt mapping functionality visually displays the reach of a campaign against the chosen demographic and market(s).

How is the MOVE methodology worked out?

The MOVE system uses a comprehensive travel and transport model in association with discrete environmental models to determine total audiences interacting with individual OOH faces. Click here to get a better understanding of the four steps that enable MOVE and how OOH advertising campaigns are measured.

How often is the MOVE data updated?

Due to the complexity of the processing, the data is updated annually. Take a look at the latest MOVE data update here.

How do I get a login?

Email us here and we'll set you up!

I've forgotten my password! Can you help me?

Of course! Click here to send us a request and we will reset it for you.

MOVE won’t let me run my proposal or campaign?

Proposals expire after one year unless a longer duration was requested. Check the expiry date of your proposal(s).

The reporting queue doesn’t appear to be processing?

Check ‘All - Waiting’ for ETA. If you are still experiencing issues please contact MOVE.

Can I get hands on training?

The MOVE team runs periodic hands on training sessions in each market, or for larger groups an adhoc session can be arranged. Please contact or call 02 9357 9900.

Community and regulation

What standards does the OMA and its members operate within?

The OMA and its members follow several codes and policies. The OMA Code of Ethics outlines voluntary principles that all members must adhere to. They cover working with advertisers and regulators, as well as responsibilities towards the community and the environment. The OMA and its members also follow wider industry codes set by the Australian Association of National Advertisers and the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme.

What community involvement does the OMA and its members participate in?

Our ability to broadcast advertising messages in the public space is a privilege, not a right. OOH advertising is ubiquitous amongst our urban environments, which is why the industry works hard to ensure it’s used for the benefit of the public. Read more on our recent community partnerships here.

I run a charity. How can I get the OMA and its members to support it?

The OMA is not currently accepting proposals for industry-wide sponsorship. If you would like to see your organisation promoted on Outdoor advertising please contact one of our members directly. Guidelines for a successful proposal are here.

How do I make a complaint about an OOH advertisement?

Complaints can be made in writing to Ad Standards.

How do I obtain copies of the videos on Work Health & Safety?

You can view Work Health & Safety content here or download the videos here. If you have any questions, please contact our Senior Policy Advisor Kirsten Samuels.