Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the OMA Industry Awards

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) Industry Awards that occurred last Thursday on the 2nd May 2024, recognised outstanding contributions and achievements within the advertising and media industry.

This year's ceremony showcased exceptional talent, innovation, and dedication across various categories, including the two new awards of Excellence in Design and Construction and Excellence in Field Work and Work Health and Safety.

Let's take a moment to celebrate the winners who have made remarkable strides in their respective fields.

Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader category spotlights individuals who exhibit exceptional promise and leadership qualities early in their careers. Adrian Venditti of QMS emerged as the winner, demonstrating remarkable potential and vision within the industry.

Emerging Leader - Adrian Venditti, QMS 

OMA Industry Award

Graeme Wooster of QMS was honoured with the prestigious OMA Industry Award, recognising his significant contributions and impact on the industry.

OMA Industry Award - Graeme Wooster, QMS (Graeme Wooster's family accepted his award on his behalf) 

Excellence in Innovation

Innovation drives progress, and the Excellence in Innovation category celebrates those who push the boundaries of creativity and technology. Brad Palmer of JCDecaux Australia claimed the top spot, showcasing pioneering ideas and solutions in Out of Home advertising.

Excellence in Innovation - Brad Palmer, JCDecaux 

Outstanding Service

Recognising outstanding service is essential in acknowledging those who go above and beyond in their roles. Nick Errey of QMS in NSW, Mel Maggs of goa Billboards in QLD and a Highly Commended awarded to Caleb Harriott, GoTransit Media Group QLD, Maddy Shopov of oOh! in SA, Andrew Hines of JCDecaux Australia in VIC, and Megan Camp of VMO in WA were all honoured for their exceptional dedication and contributions to their respective regions.

Outstanding Service NSW - Nick Errey, QMS 

Outstanding Service QLD - Melissa Maggs, goa Billboards 

Outstanding Service SA - Maddy Shopov, oOh!media 

Outstanding Service VIC - Andrew Hines, JCDecaux 

Outstanding Service WA - Megan Camp, VMO 

Rising Stars

The Rising Star category shines a spotlight on up-and-coming talent in the industry. Winners like Jade S. of JCDecaux Australia in NSW, Harriet Marshall of Scentre Group BrandSpace in QLD, Rachel Girdler of oOh! in SA, Tayla Harrison of VMO in VIC, and Caitlin Montgomery of oOh! in WA have demonstrated outstanding potential and a commitment to excellence in their work.

Rising Star NSW - Jade Sargeant, JCDecaux

Rising Star QLD - Harriet Marshall, Scentre Group Brandspace 

Rising Star VIC - Tayla Harrison, VMO

Rising Star WA - Caitlin Montgomery, oOh!media 

Excellence in Design and Construction

The City of Sydney Project Delivery Team of QMS received recognition for their exceptional work in design and construction, highlighting the importance of creativity and quality in outdoor advertising initiatives. There was also a highly commended awarded to Sydney Trains, JCDecaux Australia.

Excellence in Design and Construction - The City of Sydney Project Delivery Team of QMS

Excellence in Field Work and Work Health and Safety

Corinna Murtagh of JCDecaux Australia was honoured for her exemplary contributions to fieldwork and work health and safety, emphasising the importance of maintaining high standards in these crucial areas. There was also a highly commended awarded to Kylie Maughan, TorchMedia.

Excellence in Field Work and Work Health and Safety - Corinna Murtagh, JCDecaux 

OMA Hall of Fame

Finally, Brendon Cook. OAM, a visionary leader and pioneer in the Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry, has been honoured with induction into the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) Hall of Fame for his remarkable achievements and lasting impact on the industry in Australia.

Brendon Cook's induction into the OMA Hall of Fame is a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding achievements and enduring impact on the Out of Home advertising industry. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations of industry leaders to innovate, adapt, and drive positive change.

OMA Hall of Fame - Brendon Cook OAM 

Congratulations to all the winners and highly commended individuals of the OMA Industry Awards! Your dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence continue to inspire us all and drive the industry forward into a bright future.



Further Information

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About the OMA

The OMA is the peak industry body which represents most of Australia's Outdoor Media Display companies and production facilities, and some Media Display asset owners.

The OMA operates nationally and prior to July 2005 traded as the Outdoor Advertising Association of Australia (OAAA). It was first incorporated in 1939.

The OMA's charter is to serve its members by promoting the OOH industry and developing constructive relations with its primary stakeholders.

Its core functions are Marketing and Research (including audience measurement), Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Media Relations, and Member Services.

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LTS accounts for a number of visibility factors; values assigned to either the advertising face itself or the person passing the face within different audience environments. Visibility factors include the individual’s mode of transportation, speed and viewing location, as well as face metrics such as visual size to the audience and illumination.

Note that LTS is neither a qualitative measure of the sign nor the audience dwell.

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