Clever campaigns win in Q3

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has today announced the winners of the Quarter Three Creative Collection competition for 2023.

OMA members submitted 31 entries, including campaigns by JCDecaux, oOh!media, QMS, Scentre Group Brandspace, Cartology, TorchMedia, goa and Val Morgan Outdoor (VMO).

Guest judges: 

  • Abigail Holmes, Head of Client Strategy & Campaign Solutions, JCDecaux
  • Christine Le Maitre, Head of Marketing ANZ, iNova Pharmaceuticals
  • Mick Lakin, Creative Director, DesignStreet
  • Sara Lappage, Chief Operating Officer, QMS

Elizabeth McIntyre, CEO of the OMA said: “Q3 was an outstanding quarter for Outdoor, with some big brands in market. The winners were a good mix of entertainment, services, and retail. It’s clear that some deep thinking went into these creatives to grab attention, a smile, and even a laugh. Inspiring emotion in advertising is hard to do, but when it happens it has the power to cement the brand into long-term memory. The winners for Q3 are not only immersive and clever, but are most certainly effective.”

Abigail Holmes, Head of Client Strategy & Campaign Solutions at JCDecaux said: “The Barbie campaign was a clear standout in the Best Use of Multi-format category. Tailoring creative for different formats made all the difference, and helped this campaign shine. From immersive bus shelters to train station takeovers, the city was painted Barbie pink.”

Christine Le Maitre, Head of Marketing ANZ at iNova Pharmaceuticals said: “I am a fan of strong, clear branding, and using a brand's distinctive assets across mediums to get cut through. We saw effective use of colour in the Uber Eats campaign, Get Almost Almost Anything 2.0, in the Big, Bold, and Bright category by utilising the brand's distinctive and iconic colours and tone of voice. This makes the campaign instantly recognisable and builds brand awareness.”

Mick Lakin, Creative Director at DesignStreet said: “LifeBlood always delivers beautiful campaigns, and the Big, Bold & Bloody Unmissable campaign is no exception. With a great cause, strong branding and contextually relevant messaging, this campaign claimed the win in the Out of Home for Good category. The judges were also very impressed that the red colour perfectly matched the tram colour to create a seamless design.”

Sara Lappage, Chief Operating Officer at QMS said: “The Network 10 Hunted campaign was a fantastic demonstration of the true power and impact of Digital OOH when used as part of cross-channel campaign integration. By focusing on individuals in the series and inviting the public to play along, Network 10 created an immersive campaign that used Digital OOH to their advantage; delivering broadcast reach and contextual relevance with the right message, in the right environment, at the right time.”

Launched in 2013, the Creative Collection celebrates the big, bold, and audacious canvas that is OOH by recognising exceptional campaigns in each quarter. Campaigns are judged across the following categories:

  • Big, Bold, and Bright
  • Best Use of Multi-Format
  • Best Use of Digital
  • Innovation in Out of Home
  • Out of Home for Good


Big, Bold, and Bright – Winner 
Campaign: Get Almost Almost
Anything 2.0
Advertiser: Uber Eats
Creative agency: Special Group
Media agency: EssenceMediacom
Printer: N/A


Best Use of Multi-Format – Winner
Advertiser: Warner Bros.
Creative agency: Warner Bros.
Media agency: EssenceMediacom
Printer: Hogarth, JCDecaux & oOh!media


Best Use of Digital – Winner
Campaign title: Network 10 Hunted
Advertiser: Network 10
Creative agency: Network 10 Marketing and Design
Media agency: Wavemaker
Printer: N/A


Innovation in OOH - Winner
Campaign: Adidas play until they can’t look away
Advertiser: Adidas
Creative agency: Never Sit Still
Media agency: EssenceMediacom
Printer: N/A


Out of Home for Good – Winner
Big, Bold & Bloody Unmissable Sydney & Canberra FY24 Campaigns  
Advertiser & Creative:
Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
Media agency: CHEP Network
Printer: N/A


Out of Home for Good – Honourable Mention 
Campaign: Shift20 Initiative
Advertiser: Shift20 Initiative
Creative agency: Special Group
Media agency: PHD Media​​​​​​​
Printer: N/A