JCDecaux launches 3D format alongside Alone Australia S2

JCDecaux has launched a broadcast-scale 3D format across its Sydney and Perth networks.

JC3D will be available on over 450 screens and multiple formats nationally.

Max Eburne, chief commercial officer of JCDecaux, said its clients have been wanting a 3D solution that offers more than a one-off stunt.

“With the activation of our broadcast-scale 3D across more than 450 screens spanning our national rail network and Sydney and Perth Airports, JCDecaux is establishing a new era of immersive advertising experiences.”

The JC3D launch coincides with the start of season two of Alone Australia, which began at the end of March. SBS used the opportunity to engage audiences through JC3D as part of its marketing campaign. The pair said that using 3D as part of the broader campaign meant SBS could bring the drama of the new season to life.

Jane Palfreyman, chief marketing and commercial officer at SBS, said the partnership with JCDecaux and media agency Hearts & Science created not just an ad, but an experience.

“It’s an experience that captures the audiences, leaving a lasting impression – just as Alone Australia does. The JCDecaux team developed the final 3D creative for us, conveying the thrill of Alone Australia in a visually compelling and narrative-driven way, which connects audiences to the raw experience of the Alone contestants braving the elements on their own in their bid to survive the longest.”

Lama Perin, group manager creative and digital solutions at JCDecaux, said the JC3D offering provides true broadcast reach, ensuring brand messages can reach audiences nationwide.

“JC3D uses forced perspective – an optical illusion technique that creates a 3D effect using framing and shadows. Unlike anamorphic or augmented reality 3D, our approach ensures that viewers can experience the 3D effect from multiple angles, not limited to specific vantage points.”

SBS’s media agency Hearts & Science booked the outdoor campaign. Georgia Leathart, head of strategy at Hearts & Science, said that using outdoor 3D creative to showcase New Zealand’s wildlife was intentional. JCDecaux noted that airports and rail stations are ideal locations for 3D, where higher dwell times allow for extended engagement.

“This allowed us to communicate effectively to audiences the change of location and scenery for this year’s season,” said Leathart.

Alone Australia season 2 launched on 28 March with episode 1 reaching 812,000 Australians. SBS’s 3D Out-of-Home campaign is complemented by Transit, Small Format, and Large Format billboards across the eastern seaboard.

mediaweek: byAlisha Buaya