Outdoor Media Association Award Finalists

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) presents its highly anticipated annual Industry Awards ceremony that will be held on the 2nd of May at the Pearl Ballroom, Crown Sydney.

The OMA Awards shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of industry professionals who have tirelessly pushed the boundaries of Out of Home (OOH) advertising. They serve as a testament to the dedication and talent of individuals who continuously elevate the industry with their innovative ideas and contributions.

This year the OMA introduced two new award categories, ‘Excellence in Design and Construction’ and ‘Excellence in Field Work and Work Health and Safety’. Overall, the awards received a record 96 nominations, underscoring the abundance of talent within the industry and the OMA's expanding membership base, which represents nearly 100 percent of OOH companies in Australia.

The judging panel included Independent Chairman Charles Parry-Okeden, Steve O’Connor from JCDecaux, Adam Cadwallader from Motio, Laura Hall from Helio, Sara Lappage from QMS, Dee Madigan from Campaign Edge.

Elizabeth McIntyre, CEO of OMA, shared her excitement, commenting, "The OMA Conference and OMA Industry Awards offer an outstanding opportunity to highlight the collaborative endeavours of the OMA and its members. Since stepping into my role, I am continually impressed by the industry's cohesion and dedication to propelling the OOH channel forward as a unified entity."

McIntyre added, "The OMA Industry Awards not only acknowledge diligence and originality but also mirror the ingenuity and liveliness of this ever-evolving sector. Congratulations to all the finalists, and I eagerly look forward to witnessing the ongoing progression of Out of Home under their guidance."

OMA Industry Awards finalists below:

Emerging Leader

1.     Adrian Venditti, QMS

2.    Alex Hobbs, oOh!media

3.    Matt Carroll, oOh!media

Excellence in Innovation

1.     Brett Delaney, Big Screen Video

2.    Lauren Mullane, Scentre Group BrandSpace

3.    Brad Palmer, JCDecaux

4.    Arafat Hossain, QMS

Outstanding Service


1.     Yvette Elizondo, oOh!media

2.    David Pullinger, QMS

3.    Nick Errey, QMS


1.     Caleb Harriott, GoTransit Media Group

2.    Melissa Maggs, goa billboards

3.    David Lovatt, oOh!media


1.     Maddy Shopov, oOh!media


1.     Tennille Burt, QMS

2.    Danielle Cameron, VMO

3.    Andrew Hines, JCDecaux


1.     Megan Camp, VMO

Rising Star


1.     Amanda Cooper, VMO

2.    Andrew O’Malley-Jones, Scentre Group BrandSpace

3.    Jade Sargeant, JCDecaux


1.     Harriet Marshall, Scentre Group BrandSpace

2.    Jimmy Biddulph, QMS

3.    Annika Schultz, oOh!media


1.     Maddison Caputo, oOh!media

2.    Rachel Girdler, oOh!media


1.     Tayla Harrison, VMO

2.    Eliza Meyer, QMS

3.    Addie Reardon, oOh!media


1.     Caitlin Montgomery, oOh!media

Excellence in Design and Construction

1.     Sydney Trains, JCDecaux

2.    Lion XXXX Gold, JCDecaux

3.    City of Sydney Project Delivery Team, QMS

Excellence in Field Work and Work Health and Safety

1.     Corrina Murtagh, JCDecaux

2.    Kylie Maughan, TorchMedia Pty Ltd

3.    Tim Sheringham, Hanlon Industries