Out of Home (OOH) is the ultimate broadcaster to the largest audience.

This audience includes people of every age, race, gender, and religion. As such, it is incumbent on the industry to meet the self-regulatory codes that guide the content of OOH signs.

The Outdoor Media Association's (OMA) Copy Advice service helps eliminate the likelihood of a breach by determining whether the proposed advertisement:

  1. is discriminatory, uses sexual appeal appropriately, adheres to public safety
  2. contains violence that cannot be justified in its context
  3. uses language suitable for a broad audience.

The OMA provides concept advice to agencies during the early stages of a campaign and copy advice to our members on final creatives. To request copy advice please email copyadvice@oma.org.au

Content Manual

The OMA has developed this manual to provide members with practical tips to use when making decisions about content.

The Dos and Don'ts in action

Content Training Program

The OMA organises annual Content Training workshops for its members to comply with policies and stay updated with new regulation or changes in the codes. Check out the training page for any upcoming sessions. We last ran our Content Training workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in February 2023.


The majority of OOH advertisements do not receive community criticism or complaint, and of those that do, most are found to not breach any codes. OMA members have gone from eight breaches in 2011 (before our Content Training Program commenced) to 13 breaches in total across the following eight years. This is the record of a mature industry that takes its social responsibility seriously and understands the role it plays in the public domain.

Members of the community wishing to make a complaint regarding any OOH advertisement may lodge a complaint through Ad Standards. Lodge a complaint here.

For more information about Ad Standards watch the below video: