Shining a light on Mums' mental health

Across the UK, chocolate brand Maltesers encouraged Mums to help destigmatise maternal mental health.

As part of a multi-platform campaign, the brand used Out of Home to literally shine a light on Mums experiences. Light projections of #massiveovershares hope to increase awareness and recognition of the struggles Mums face and how common and natural some of their experiences are.

Created ahead of Mother’s Day in the UK in March, the campaign was representative of mums setting their feelings free. The campaign, led by creative agency AMV BBDO, included two video spots made in partnership with Comic Relief to represent the emotions of mothers and emphasise Maltesers motto to unite people through the power of laughter .

Research conducted by Maltesers UK revealed that one in six Mums felt uncomfortable talking about needing more support and seven out of 10 experiencing mental illness hide their struggles. The campaign attempts to shift the narrative and bring the ups and downs of motherhood to light.

Using Twitter to promote #TheMassiveOvershare hashtag, Maltesers UK invited Mums to join in with the prompt - oversharing is caring.

Maltesers wants to encourage Mums across the UK to help normalise conversations about maternal mental health to increase both understanding and recognition of an issue that is frequently undetected and misdiagnosed. 

Source: Campaign Live