US Outdoor industry develops fundraising campaign for Aussie wildlife rescue and relief in record time

In early January, the US Outdoor industry united to develop a fundraising campaign for Australian native wildlife affected in the recent bushfire crisis in record time.

Initiated by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) in partnership with OUTFRONT Studios, the campaign asked Americans to ‘Help Aus' and donate to WIRES wildlife rescue organisation.

According to the OAAA, the direct messaging and play on words of “Help AUS” was a powerful way to represent the country as a whole, as well as all those being personally affected - from the people being displaced to the devastated wildlife populations.

The emphasis on “US” put a personal perspective on the situation with the main aim of the message to be bold because of the urgency of the ongoing disaster. Whether using the recognizable imagery of a koala to represent Australia or using a simplified graphic of the country, the main goal was to give a voice to friends in need.

Source: OAAA