Yorkshire Tea begs Melbournians to buy with a single billboard ad

British tea brand, Yorkshire Tea, is making a splash Down Under with the launch of its first OOH campaign after over a decade in-market.

In line with the brand’s tongue-in-cheek style, a single creative simply states: We spent our whole Australian marketing budget on this billboard, so we’ll just level with you. Please buy Yorkshire Tea. It’s the #1 brew in the UK, so we promise it’s nice.

Yorkshire Tea is famous for its down-to-earth marketing and tea fans will be familiar with its Where Everything’s Done Proper TV campaigns, featuring famous Yorkshire faces – most recently, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Created in-house, Yorkshire Tea’s vivid red billboard is located on the Westgate Freeway just above the popular South Melbourne shopping district and will be live throughout August.

Already ranked best-tasting black tea in Australia by CHOICE, Yorkshire Tea is growing fast in Australia as more shoppers discover the delight of a proper brew.

The brand is supported in AU by a PR program led by Zeno Group, which has also previously managed sampling via Marley Spoon and introduced a successful VIT (Very Important Tea-drinker) influencer program.

Ben Newbury, marketing lead for Yorkshire Tea said: “We’re chuffed to unveil this campaign in Melbourne as part of our mission to break the tea trance Down Under. While Yorkshire Tea is the number one tea in the UK, not enough Australians know about us and the quality of our brews, so we hope this billboard makes an impression!”

Source: B&T