Big and bold, cheeky, clever and sometimes controversial, Out of Home (OOH) is the ultimate creative stage.

The OOH channel has long been used for its ability to communicate the right message, in the right place, at the right time. In a fragmented media landscape, OOH has continued to deliver scale and impact to reach 93 per cent of the Australian population every day.

Continued investment in new technologies and tools that provide rich data insights, enhanced targeting and engagement have augmented OOH into an audience-centric communication platform.

Technology & Innovation

Many innovations are taking place within OOH. It’s an exciting time to be part of the industry as the number of mobile device users increases, and advertisers have a greater opportunity to reach consumers on the go, who are out and about.

Data-driven Digital Out of Home (DOOH) allows for messaging to be contextualised to location, weather, and time of day. Investment in interactive capabilities with smartphones and digital devices along with technology such WiFi have made OOH effective at engaging audiences in the spaces where they live, work and play. As the capabilities of DOOH become fully realised, so will its ability to deliver creative that is powerfully optimised to specific contexts and audiences, driving further effectiveness and engagement.

The types of innovations that have emerged over the years include:

  • Live feeds
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)/QR codes
  • Beacon technology
  • Mobile and social media integration
  • Day-parting technology
  • Recognition technology
  • Touch-screen
  • Payments (including donations and e-commerce)
  • 3D/special effects

OMA members continue to push boundaries, integrating exciting and innovative technologies to expand the digital network, and facilitate the planning, buying and reporting of Out of Home (OOH) campaigns.

QMS Media -

JCDecaux - Jetstar

oOh!media - Nutella


OPEN is more than a series of picture books. It is an anthology of Out of Home (OOH) creativity, a snapshot in time and a source of inspiration.

Continuing the conversation that OPEN started in 2012, OPEN2 and OPEN3 present the endless creative opportunities we know OOH offers while providing the reader with creative and strategic insights from some of the leaders in the industry.

The OPEN books illustrate how OOH is part of our cityscape, our commute, our weekend and our shopping and holiday experiences. How OOH is 'the original tweet', an undisrupted media channel and the ultimate creative stage. Big, bold, cheeky, simple, clever and controversial, OOH allows brands to be unique, contextually relevant and targeted while still reaching mass audiences.

Creative Collection

Launched in 2013, the OMA's Creative Collection Competition recognises the best in OOH advertising each quarter. Judges are selected from agencies, clients, and OMA members to provide a variety of perspectives on what makes good OOH. The OMA awards campaigns of the following categories:

  • Big, Bold and Bright
  • Best use of Multi-Format
  • Best use of Digital
  • Innovation in Out of Home

Each year, the Creative Collection Grand Prix is selected from the pool of winners from each quarter. In 2019, the First Nations campaign by NRMA was the Creative Collection Grand Prix winner.

Click to read more about the Creative Collection competition.

Creative Guidelines

Great outdoor ads get attention, and memorable advertising is essential for the long term success of any brand. 

We've developed some printable "cheat sheets" to guide you through the creative stage of any campaign. Click to download.

Aesthetically Appropriate

Great OOH can transcend its job of selling and become a much-loved part of a city’s character. OOH is big and bold, but its success relies on its ability to add rather than subtract from its surroundings.

Nothing beats OOH in reaching your primary and secondary audiences. OOH has the ability to broadcast and capture a broad audience but it also has the ability to connect with a local audience because it is so location based. OOH is a universal language. The simple impact of outdoor talks to all languages, and is a cost-effective way to include English-as-a-second-language to audiences.

Campaigns embraced bold and simple creative across static and digital signs. Advertisers and creatives harnessed the enhanced capabilities of digital OOH with a focus on engagement and interactivity. Facial recognition technology, dynamic creative and live streams were used to promote brands to audiences.


Print technology and special builds have transformed the OOH industry, bringing OOH to life. OOH is the ultimate creative stage, where fantastic production of materials for OOH and special builds can produce the illusion of “real-life”.

Alongside the increase in digital formats, the excellence in the production of static OOH is imperative for effective and engaging campaigns.

Contact an OMA Member for more information on specific format production.